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Extends routing system.

dcp.Routing feature

You can create a custom route in MVC style to point to existing content item. The feature extends exisitng alias system, thus a route can be linked to existing alias of content item.
For example you have Projection page that use params from query string to filter some query. Url like /products?category=XXX.
Then you can migrate these params to route data and create a route through the UI dashboard like:
/{category}/products. This route will point to your existing projection content item.
You can create routes that linked to any content types with AutoRoute part.

dcp.Routing.Redirects feature

The feature allow to manage redirect rules. You can create/update/delete via UI of admin dashboard.
Additionaly you can migrate these rules IIS rewrite module section of web.config (if the IIS module is enabled on your host environment).
Allows 301/302 redirects to be configured for changed URLs.

dcp.Routing.UrlUpdating feature

The feature allow to automatically create redirect rules when diplay url of your content is changed. This is useful SEO purposes.

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